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NUML Translation Made Simple

With NUML, you can rely on our team of translators to deliver flawless results within your deadlines.

Quality Translators

Translation is a complex human activity involving transfer of meaning between languages, cultures and forms of expression. The NUML therefore relies on highly qualified and skillful translators to provide trusted translation to its valued clients, our certified translation are accepted by foreign missions, corporate bodies, governments and the non-government agencies.

Competitive Pricing

The Department of Translation and Interpretation, NUML is committed to provide standardized multilingual translations on competitive and affordable rates. Our process for payment of remuneration is simple and transparent.

Fast Turnaround

Our clients value fast turnaround time for translation of their documents. While turnaround times vary by language, volume, complexity of the text and form of discourse we generally return a short document within the mutually agreed deadlines.

Secure Documents

We aim at creating long-term relationships with our clients. We understand that our clients value their privacy, particularly when it comes to personal or confidential business or legal documents.

We Translate

Department of Translation and Interpretation, NUML is the largest provider of Translation and Interpretation Services in PAKISTAN.

  • Immigration Documents
  • Academic Documents
  • Travel Documents
  • Business Documents
  • Legal/Official Documents
  • Technical Documents
  • Literary Content
  • Journalistic texts
  • Medical Record

Placing an order is very easy - all you need is to have your document in hand, a few details in terms of languages needed, and a credit card. You can place an order with us in as little as two minutes. Once you place your translation order with us, our proprietary automated workflow process routes your order to the most appropriate translation team. Your document will be translated by a trained professional translator who is generally a native speaker of the target language. We employ a system of review and quality checks to ensure quality and accuracy. Then, once the is complete, it is sent to you via email. In all, we strive to cut out the fat of traditional translation agencies and amateur translators, by reducing unnecessary steps, focusing on quality, and passing down the outcome to our clients.